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Spring is an exciting time of year, when the salamanders, toads, and all the other critters are coming back out from their winter hiding. The trees start to turn green again and as things warm up we get back into the ponds, canoes, and see which group of students is the first of the year to go swimming! Spring peepers can be heard by the ponds, and as the daylight lengthens students enjoy activities in the forests into the early evenings. As the snow continues to melt, campfires are always a fun way to end an action-packed day at Yearley!


Fall is a spectacular time at Yearley! The days are often warm (even warm enough to swim in the early Fall!) and the nights are often cool and clear. It’s the time of year when we might hear Barred Owls on our night walks, and if we’re lucky the wolves will howl back! There are plenty of critters to find in the wetlands, ponds to explore by canoe, and of course there are the beautiful Fall colours…


It’s impossible to pick a favourite season at Yearley, but if we had to, winter just might be it! With so many opportunities to play in the snow (bug-free!), kids have tons of fun exploring on snowshoes, GT-ing, cross country skiing, building snow shelters, and taking gorgeous moonlit night walks.



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