The Ontario Student Transcript (OST) is a comprehensive record of a student’s overall achievement in secondary school and provides a record of standing with regard to secondary school diploma requirements. All students studying in Ontario have an Ontario Student Transcript (OST). Transcripts may be required for university/college application or for many other reasons.

All graduates receive one diploma and an official transcript at commencement. During the school year (September to June) you should contact the school you attend or attended to request a transcript. Refer to the school directory for school contact information.

Applying to an Ontario College and Attended High School After 1985
You can order your transcript online when you complete your college application ( A processing fee will be charged as part of your college application.

Applying to an Ontario University or Out-of-Province School or any other purpose and you attended High School after 1985
You may request your official transcript from your former school during the school year or from the Board office during the summer. A processing fee applies.

Attended High School Before 1985
You can only request these transcripts from your former school during the school year as these records are paper based. Additional processing time of up to two weeks may be required. A processing fee as set out on the request form applies.

What will it Cost?
A request for an original transcript will be charged a processing fee of $10.00. Additional copies will be $10.00. Payment by cash or cheque only must be received before the transcripts are released. Students applying to Ontario Colleges will be charged a processing fee of $10.00 when they complete their online college application form. There are no charges for completing letters of attestation or standard forms.

Will My Transcript Be Forwarded to a University, College, or other Institution?
Transcripts will not be mailed or faxed by TLDSB to a third party (school, agency, etc.) Individuals requesting transcripts are solely responsible for sending transcripts to any other party. Current students shall have their marks forwarded to the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) or to the Ontario University Application Service (OUAC). Former students may request an electronic transfer of the transcript to the OCAS when they complete the college application form. Any special circumstances will be dealt with on case-by-case basis.

High School Student Transcript Request

Previous student applying to college

Students will be able to order transcripts online when applying to a college at the Ontario college application site:

Previous student requesting transcript

If you would like to request your high school transcript, and are not applying to college, please contact the school you attended to request your documentation. They will be happy to assist you.

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  • If you're inquiring about a transcript, you will need to contact the school you attended directly to obtain a copy.