TLDSB Student Succeeds in Electrical Trade Co-Op Position

Chadd always had an interest in the electrical trade and wanted to experience firsthand what the trade was all about. With the support of the Guidance Department at LCVI, Chadd was fortunate to land a full semester co-op placement at the trade of his choice with a well-known business in Lindsay. Electric Electric is a co-op partner for grade 12 students in the community, whom Chadd was eager to partner with.

Since starting at Electric Electric, Chadd has worked hard alongside many of the full-time employees and receives supervision, guidance, and instruction from them all. He has learned the importance of being at work and jobsites early and on time. He has also learned that being prepared and organized with the proper supplies and equipment makes for (took out a word)a smooth and efficient work day. He has become aware of personal and shop safety as well as safety on job sites.

“Being organized is the key to having a productive day at work,” commented Chadd. “Communication is key between customers, employees, and management, and in running a successful business.”

Chadd has learned about many interesting jobs at different sites. His favourite thus far has been installing pot lights, as he was able to install them independently with a senior employee overseeing his work. Chadd takes great pride in the skills he has learned and his contributions have been appreciated by the team. He feels fortunate for the opportunity to have such a positive working experience.

Chadd will continue to work with Electric Electric for another two months and hopes it will transpire into a working opportunity for his Electrical Apprenticeship.

“Electric Electric gets a positive charge as a highly recommended business choice for co-op students wanting to explore the field of an electrical business,” said Chadd.

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