TLDSB highlights 2015 Character and Impact Award Winners

//TLDSB highlights 2015 Character and Impact Award Winners

TLDSB highlights 2015 Character and Impact Award Winners

LINDSAY, ON – Trillium Lakelands District School Board is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Impact Awards and the 2015 Character Awards.

“We are very proud of our award recipients,” stated Director of Education Larry Hope, “These are the folks in our system who model excellence in education and who demonstrate good character in all they do each and every day for and with our students.”

“Our winners are bus drivers, teachers, secretaries, custodians and many other members of our school communities  – we are proud of every single one of them!” states Board Chair Louise Clodd, “I look forward to greeting each of these individuals at our Evening of Excellence.”

Impact Awards of Excellence are given to TLDSB staff members who are recognized by peers, as well as students, parents, and the community as having a significant impact on their school or worksite.  Staff members are nominated by their colleagues. The following TLDSB staff members are this year’s winners:

Teaching Impact Award of Excellence

  • Dawn Mattiussi, Jack Callaghan PS
  • Julia McCreadie, BMLSS
  • Stephen Thomas, Woodville ES

Co-Curricular Impact Award of Excellence

  • Dave Borland, Central Senior School
  • Tom Winger, Muskoka Beechgrove PS
  • Robin Creasor-Lockhart, Muskoka Falls PS

Support Staff Award of Excellence

  • Sandy Bound
  • Sanday Brown

Impact award winners will be celebrated at the school board Evening of Excellence held at the Rene Caisse Theatre in Bracebridge on May 13, 2015.

The TLDSB Staff Recognition Committee received 125 nominations for character awards this year.  Character awards are presented to staff or school community members who are nominated by a staff member, student, parent, or community member. All those nominated will receive a Character Award and are invited to attend the May 13th event in Bracebridge.

Character Award Winners

  •  Jennifer Andreasen, Executive Assistant, MEC
  •  Brian Andreasen, Teacher, Macaulay PS
  •  Laura Angers, Head Custodian, Leslie Frost PS
  •  Alison Ayres, Teacher, Leslie Frost PS
  •  Michelle Backus, Teacher, HH HS
  •  Bill Bagshaw, Teacher, BMLSS
  •  Kate Bailey, Lead Custodian, Gravenhurst HS
  •  Brittney Barton, ECE, Parkview PS
  •  Aaron Beausoleil, Vice-Principal, BMLSS
  •  Roger Bird, Teacher, Huntsville High School
  •  Julia Booth, Educational Assistant, Muskoka Falls PS
  •  Rebeka Borgdorff, Teacher, HHHS
  •  Sandy Bound, Administrative Assistant, MEC
  •  Christa Bradburn, Vice-Principal, Fenelon Falls SS
  •  Sharon Brant, Educational Assistant, Irwin Memorial
  •  Sanday Brown, Educational Assistant, Irwin Memorial
  •  Karen Brown, Educational Assistant, Central Senior
  •  Paula Buck, Bus Driver, Irwin Memorial
  •  Aimee Bulloch, Teacher, HHHS
  •  Angela Bulmer, Teacher, Fenelon Falls SS
  •  Nico Byl, Department Head, Huntsville High School
  •  Terry Callaghan-Henze, Ed. Assistant, Monck PS
  •  Charlene Chapman, Teacher, Leslie Frost PS
  •  Patti Cicogna, Educational Assistant, Monck PS
  •  Kerri Clarke, Teacher, Leslie Frost PS
  •  Gina Cline, Secretary, Bracebridge PS
  •  Andre Comtois, Head Custodian, Irwin Memorial
  •  Margot Cook, Educational Assistant, Irwin Memorial
  •  Leslie Creeden, Department Head/Teacher, IE Weldon
  •  Eric Crowe, Teacher, BMLSS
  •  Susan Culbert, Secretary, IE Weldon
  •  Amy Cullen, Educational Assistant, Fenelon Falls SS
  •  Kristen Dalby, Educational Assistant, Gravenhurst HS
  •  Kelly Davis, School Council Secretary, HHSS
  •  Susan Demers, Teacher, Lady Eaton PS
  •  Robin DeShane, Teacher, IE Weldon
  •  Sharon Dibblee, Teacher, Haliburton Highlands HS
  •  Shelly Duben, Vice-Principal, BMLSS
  •  Chris Duchene, Dept. Head Student Services, HHHS
  •  Russ Duhaime, Educational Assistant, HHHS
  •  Ray Este, Principal, Fenelon Falls SS
  •  Laura Evans, Teacher, Dr. George Hall PS
  •  Susan Fawcett, Teacher, Huntsville High School
  •  Katherine Fennell, Educational Assistant, Leslie Frost PS
  •  Mark Flynn, Teacher, BMLSS
  •  Cherie Forsythe, Educational Assistant, Gravenhurst HS
  •  Ted Garrels, Community Member, Bobcaygeon PS
  •  Mike Gervais, Teacher, JD Hodgson PS
  •  Scott Gignac, Teacher, Fenelon Falls SS
  •  Kristy Gordon, Teacher, LCVI
  •  Angela Graham, Teacher, Fenelon Falls SS
  •  Bruce Griffith, Department Head/Teacher, HHHS
  •  Donna Hannivan-Taylor, Teacher, Fenelon Falls SS
  •  Jennifer Hicks-Chapman, Teacher, JD Hodgson PS
  •  Cameron Hill, Custodian, Macaulay PS
  •  Troy Hunter, Spec Ed Support Technician, MEC
  •  Jennifer Jewiss, Consultant, MEC
  •  Deborah Kaye, Teacher, Langton
  •  Amanda King, Teacher, Central Senior
  •  Wilf Lade, Department Head – Student Services, BMLSS
  •  Penta Ledger, School Improvement Head, GHS
  •  Christina Lepine, Teacher, Bobcaygeon PS
  •  Jessica Lloyd, Teacher, Haliburton Highlands HS
  •  Nancy Lowes, Educational Assistant, JD Hodgson PS
  •  Patti Lyons, Instructional Lead, Irwin Memorial
  •  Deanna MacDonald, Ed. Assistant, Pine Glen PS
  •  Katherine MacIver, District Principal, LEC
  •  Katherine MacLeod, Educational Assistant, Riverside PS
  • Dan Marsden, Haliburton Highlands Secondary School
  •  Leah Mathers, Teacher, Langton
  •  Dawn Mattiussi, Teacher, Jack Callaghan PS
  •  Julia McCreadie, Teacher, BMLSS
  •  Jacki McPherson, Teacher, Gravenhurst HS
  •  Joanne McRae, Teacher, Irwin Memorial
  •  Cheryl Medhurst, Vice-Principal, Leslie Frost PS
  •  John Minnis, Teacher, BMLSS
  •  Kristy Mulligan, Teacher, BMLSS
  •  Allison Myers, Teacher, Huntsville High School
  •  Renee Nawrocki, Teacher, Muskoka Falls PS
  •  Kelly Neumann, Teacher, Fenelon Falls SS
  •  Wendy Nicholson, Teacher, BMLSS
  •  Sean O’Toole, Teacher, BMLSS
  •  Judi Paul, Teacher, Haliburton Highlands HS
  •  Eden Paulson, Custodial Supervisor, IE Weldon
  •  Percy Payette, Teacher, LCVI
  •  Deb Pringle, Student Services/Att. Counsellor, MEC
  •  Joyce Pruysers, Consultant, HCEC
  •  Danielle Reimer, Teacher, Gravenhurst HS
  •  Liane Roberts, School Council Chair, HHSS
  •  Casey Roberts, Department Head, BMLSS
  •  Susan Sainsbury, Educational Assistant, FFSS
  •  Luc Sanderson, Teacher, IE Weldon
  •  Marjorie Saunby, Educational Assistant, FFSS
  •  Jennifer Schandlon, Department Head, Gravenhurst HS
  •  Roger Scheffee, Bus Driver, Haliburton Highlands HS
  •  JoAnn Seidel, Secretary, Leslie Frost PS
  •  Doreen Sinclair, Community Member, King Albert PS
  •  Suzanne Smith, Guidance Secretary, HHHS
  •  Doug Smith, Custodian, BMLSS
  •  Dianne Sova, Technician, MEC
  •  Tom Steinberg, Custodian, BMLSS
  •  Nathan Stephenson, Teacher, Fenelon Falls SS
  •  Jamie Stevens, Teacher, Scott Young PS
  •  Andrea Stewart, School Improvement Head, BMLSS
  •  Michelle Sutherland, Ed. Assistant, Irwin Memorial
  •  Darlene Szawlowski, Resource Teacher, Irwin Memorial
  •  Brian J. Taylor, Department Head/Teacher, FFSS
  •  Debi Taylor, IT Help Desk, MEC
  •  Sherry Telford, Head of Special Education, FFSS
  •  Clare Telford, Custodian, Jack Callaghan PS
  •  The Bobcaygeon Curling Club, Bobcaygeon PS
  •  Lisa Thompson, Teacher, Macaulay PS
  •  Alison Turnbull, Principal, Gravenhurst HS
  •  Jayne VanDusen, Secretary, HHHS
  •  Dave Waito, Acting Vice-Principal, HHHS
  •  Melissa Walker, Breakfast Club Supervisor, HHHS
  •  Stephanie Walker, Co-op Student, Gravenhurst HS
  •  Patricia Wark, School Council Chair, Macaulay PS
  •  Carol Watson, Bus Driver, Irwin Memorial
  •  Wendy Wells, HHSS Cafeteria Worker, HHHS
  •  Bev White, HHSS Cafeteria Manager, HHHS
  •  Trent Willett, Principal, BMLSS
  •  Kirk Wilson, Teacher, IE Weldon
  •  Chris Winspear, Custodian, BMLSS
  •  Danny Xuan, Bus Driver, BMLSS
  •  Gino Ziorjen, Community Member, Archie Stouffer PS

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