TLDSB highlights 2014 Character and Impact Award Winners

//TLDSB highlights 2014 Character and Impact Award Winners

TLDSB highlights 2014 Character and Impact Award Winners

LINDSAY, ON – Trillium Lakelands District School Board is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Impact Awards and the 2014 Character Awards.

“The impact awards enable us to acknowledge and celebrate those who consistently exceed our expectations in all they do for our system,” stated Director of Education Larry Hope, “We present a Character Award to every person who is nominated. It is an excellent way to highlight how important the modeling of good character is to our school communities.”

“We are so pleased to honour these individuals,” said school board Chair, Louise Clodd, “We are looking forward to seeing them on the stage in May where they will be presented with their well-deserved awards.”

Impact Awards of Excellence are given to TLDSB staff members who are recognized by peers, as well as students, parents, and the community as having a significant impact on their school or worksite.  Staff members are nominated by their colleagues. The following TLDSB staff members are this year’s winners:

Administrative Leadership Impact Award of Excellence
Dave Golden               Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes Secondary School

Co-Curricular Impact Award of Excellence
Dave Wakelin              Lindsay Collegiate and Vocational Institute

Teaching Impact Award of Excellence
Eric Crowe                  Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes Secondary School
Karen Lonsdale         Monck Public School
Beth Quinton             Watt Public School

Support Staff Impact Award of Excellence
Sarah Burgess             Fenelon Falls Secondary School
Lynda Downey           Central Senior School
Carmen Vella              Jack Callaghan Public School
Chris Winspear          Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes Secondary School

Impact award winners will be celebrated at the school board Evening of Excellence held at the Rene Caisse Theatre in Bracebridge on May 14, 2014.

The TLDSB Staff Recognition Committee received 98 nominations for character awards this year.  Character awards are presented to staff or school community members who are nominated by a staff member, student, parent, or community member. All those nominated will receive a Character Award and are invited to attend the May 14th event in Bracebridge

Character Award Winners

  • Mary Ager. Program Officer, Muskoka Education Centre
  • Susanne Allen-Spiers, Teacher, Huntsville HS
  • Elizabeth Alton, Vice Principal, LCVI
  • Jennifer Andreasen, Executive Assistant, Muskoka Education Centre
  • Anthony Asturi, Teacher, Huntsville HS
  • Will Ayres, Teacher, IE Weldon SS
  • Christine Barrieau, Human Resources, Lindsay Education Centre
  • Roger Bird, Teacher, Huntsville HS
  • Linda Brandon, EA, Haliburton Highlands SS
  • Kathy Burge, Principal, Alexandra
  • Jennifer Clark, Vice Principal, Monck PS
  • Andrea Coombs, Parent, Jack Callaghan PS
  • Jane Crockford, Teacher, Central Senior
  • Lindsay Curran , Teacher, LCVI
  • Karen Downing, HR, Lindsay Education Centre
  • Constable Jessica Drake, Police Constable, BMLSS
  • Christine Duchene, Teacher, Haliburton Highlands SS
  • Angela Eastman, Custodian, LCVI
  • Pamela Eby, Volunteer, Honey Harbour
  • Meagan Edney-Corner, ECE, Jack Callaghan PS
  • Barb Fawcett, Community member, Haliburton Highlands SS
  • Sharon Fennell, EA, Haliburton Highlands SS
  • Jane Finbow, Secretary, Huntsville HS
  • Dave Freeman , First Student Manager, Stuart Baker ES
  • Shelley Garland-Bull, EA, Haliburton Highlands SS
  • Marcie Goldenberg, Teacher, LCVI
  • Kathy Gordon, Teacher, BMLSS
  • Christine Guerriero, Teacher, Gravenhurst PS
  • Donna Hannivan-Taylor, Teacher, Fenelon Falls SS
  • Don Hart, Custodian, LCVI
  • Deborah Hicks, Secretary, LCVI
  • Diana Hughes, Secretary, Huntsville HS
  • Bryce Huskilson, VLC, AETC
  • Sandy Jackson, Bus Driver, Stuart Baker ES
  • Robert Jagosky, SSAC, Huntsville HS
  • Heidi Jeske-McQuilter, Teacher, BMLSS
  • Mark Janke, Teacher, Watt PS
  • Maxine Jordan, Principal, Jack Callaghan PS
  • Leanne Kennedy, EA, Haliburton Highlands SS
  • Jessica Kennedy, Teacher, IE Weldon SS
  • Szabina Kitchen, Teacher, Leslie Frost PS
  • Walter Koekebakker, Teacher, IE Weldon SS
  • Jennifer Lauer-Lamarche, Teacher, Gravenhurst HS
  • Penta Ledger, Teacher, Gravenhurst HS
  • Theresa Lyall, Secretary, BMLSS
  • Wilma Lynch, Human Resources, Lindsay Education Centre
  • Laura MacPherson, Teacher, Jack Callaghan PS
  • Robert Magee, Teacher, BMLSS
  • Penny Maher, Secretary, Macaulay PS
  • Lisa Malott, Teacher, Stuart Baker ES
  • Penny Manol, Secretary, Central Senior
  • Maureen Marshall, Student Services, Lindsay Education Centre
  • Jackie Mayhew, Secretary, Haliburton Highlands SS
  • Jessica McAlpine, Teacher, Watt PS
  • Jennifer McCreary, Teacher, BMLSS
  • Michael McGregor, Teacher, Alexandra
  • Lisa McIlmoyle, Teacher, Riverside PS
  • Jennifer Milligan, Teacher, Watt PS
  • James Milne, Teacher, Huntsville HS
  • Alfred Moore, Custodian, Huntsville HS
  • Lauraine Murtha, Secretary, LCVI
  • Allison Myers, Teacher, Huntsville HS
  • Leslie Ogilvie, Teacher, Jack Callaghan PS
  • Sean O’Toole, Teacher, BMLSS
  • Ian Patterson, Vice Principal, Haliburton Highlands SS
  • John Patton, IT, Lindsay Education Centre
  • Eden Paulson, Custodian, IE Weldon SS
  • Percy Payette, Teacher, LCVI
  • Jeremy Peace-Hall, IT, Muskoka Education Centre
  • Brianne Pockett, EA, Haliburton Highlands SS
  • Steffanie Porter, Parent, Jack Callaghan PS
  • Debra Pringle, SSAC, Gravenhurst HS
  • Kevin Quinn, Teacher, Huntsville HS
  • Susan Rae, EA, Stuart Baker ES
  • Irene Redwood, Library Assistant, Huntsville HS
  • Rocky Roberts, Custodian, Haliburton Highlands SS
  • Jaime Rudge, Teacher, Watt PS
  • Barbara Russell, Teacher,LCVI
  • Susan Sainsbury, EA, Fenelon Falls SS
  • Delane Sawyer, EA, Haliburton Highlands SS
  • Jacqueline Schryer-Zak, Teacher, IE Weldon SS
  • Darla Searle, Teacher, Gravenhurst HS
  • Jo-Ann Seidel, Secretary, LFPS
  • Judy Sherwood, Secretary, LCVI
  • James Simmons, Teacher, IE Weldon SS
  • Kimberley Small, Teacher, Watt PS
  • Stephen Smith, EA, Haliburton Highlands SS
  • Shannon Smith, Sert, Jack Callaghan PS
  • Douglas Sullivan, EA, Haliburton Highlands SS
  • Vanessa Taylor, Teacher, Huntsville HS
  • Christopher Tindale, IT, LEC
  • Pauline Webb, Teacher, Huntsville HS
  • Angela West, Teacher, Fenelon Falls SS
  • Jennifer White, Teacher, BMLSS
  • Darren Wicks, Parent, Jack Callaghan PS
  • Kim Wiles, Teacher, Bracebridge PS
  • Sylvia Wray, Secretary, LCVI
  • Kathy Zimmermann, Secretary, LCVI

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