Media Release: TLDSB Climate Change Action Plan

LINDSAY, ON – In September 2019, the G7 Student Senate Great Grain Challenge 1representatives from each of the seven secondary schools in Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB) met to brainstorm initiatives and ideas for the coming school year. Inspired by teen climate activist Greta Thunberg and Anishinaabe teen activist Autumn Peltier, the G7 Student Senate decided to help TLDSB tackle climate change. Climate change is rapidly impacting communities around the world. Food security, mental health, transportation, energy, resource availability, and economic sustainability are all at risk if changes are not made to limit the impact of climate change.

Over the school year, the G7 Senate conducted extensive research about climate change and environmental solutions. During the COVID-19, they worked harder than ever and met virtually to bring their Climate Change Action Plan to life. They consulted with the TLDSB senior administrative team and presented their plan to the TLDSB Board of Trustees on June 9.

“This year’s G7 representatives have worked exceptionally hard on the Climate Action Plan,” said Student Trustee Kaylee Kelly. “The climate is changing, and so are we. This means that as stewards, commitment must be made at TLDSB to ensure that our future is sustainable for all schools and students.”

Climate Action PlanThe TLDSB Climate Change Action Plan is a living document; as the natural, political, social, and economic climate continues to shift, the TLDSB will act accordingly. This plan comprises ten phases of equal importance, ranging from mental health and student advocacy to carbon-conscious transportation. It stresses the importance of ensuring generational justice through holistic and systematic change. By seeking guidance from community Elders and Indigenous peoples, TLDSB recognizes our responsibility as stewards of mother earth as our most important job. Together, TLDSB will set the standard and take proactive action to promote a sustainable environmental education model. The climate is changing. And now, so are we.


To view the TLDSB Climate Action Plan, visit tldsb.ca/programs/environmental-impact/.


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