Scoring and Reporting Plan | Voluntary Online OSSLT Trial


On Thursday, October 20, EQAO made its first attempt at offering the OSSLT online to students across the province. EQAO has been working toward modernizing the provincial assessment program since September 2014, recognizing that online assessments will provide greater capacity to assess additional future-oriented skills, align more fully with digital technology practices in classrooms and engage students at a deeper level. We were extremely disappointed in the disruption of our October trial due to the Distributed Denial of Service cyberattack, which incapacitated the online testing system for a large majority of students across the province.

We made a commitment that students who attempted this trial and were successful would be considered to have fulfilled the literacy requirement for their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). After the incident, EQAO had to be sure that the responses of the students who were able to write were accurately recorded and that the resulting data have integrity. The decision whether to score and report these test results was informed by numerous factors, including input from multiple stakeholders, equity considerations, the integrity of the data and, most importantly, what is best for students.


In light of these considerations, we are pleased to inform you that we will be scoring and reporting for students from whom we were able to receive complete responses from both Sessions 1 and 2 (i.e., Booklets 1 and 2), and for students for whom we received a number of responses and a mix of different question types (i.e., multiple-choice, reading, short writing and long writing) from both Sessions 1 and 2 substantial enough to allow for a result. Students who were not able to access the testing site, who did not have the opportunity to complete the test or who were not successful on the test will still be considered first-time eligible for the regularly scheduled OSSLT in March 2017. In addition, students who attempted the trial will be eligible for the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course at the principal’s discretion.


There will be two student-level categories for reporting on the online trial:

  • Successful
  • Made an Attempt (includes the following):   Students who logged in but were unable to start the test
    • Students who logged in but for whom EQAO did not receive sufficient work to provide a result

Students who logged in and for whom EQAO received sufficient work to allow for a result but who were not successful*

*Students who were not successful have been placed in the “Made an Attempt” category because they did not meet the criteria for success on the test. This outcome may or may not have been affected by the circumstances of the day, and it may not accurately reflect the student’s ability.


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  • If you're inquiring about a transcript, you will need to contact the school you attended directly to obtain a copy.