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Monck Public School

School Mission
To be the best we can be! The vision for Monck Public School is for all school and community members to work together towards making our school a safe, invitational, and inclusive learning community. It is a place where all students strive towards high academic, social, physical, and artistic expectations. Our goal is to produce confident, literate, and life-long learners who are respectful, responsible, and productive citizens.

Motto: “Respect and Responsibility”

School History
In 1898, S.S. No. 7 Town Line School was built, later to be known as Monck Public School. The one and half acres of land was bought by Isabella and Edmund Miller for $150. At this time, a one-room wooden school house was built. In 1915, a second room was added and the entire school was bricked over. In 1955, they stopped using the school. Another parcel of land to the north was purchased from Thomas Ball for $300. The school building was demolished and a new 5-room building complete with a Principal’s office was built. Many years later, with numerous renovations and additions, Monck PS is now over 76,000 square feet and includes 30 classrooms.

General Information

  • Largest elementary school in Trillium Lakelands District School Board
  • Special assemblies, activities, and concerts are presented in true bilingual nature


  • Regular English instructional program from junior kindergarten to grade 8
  • French Immersion program from senior kindergarten to grade 8
  • Instrumental Music and The Arts Club – musicals
  • School clubs such as reading, chess, and computer clubs

Events & Activities

  • Winter activities program
  • Running and intramurals club
  • Junior swimming and water safety program
  • Junior and intermediate sports clubs, field trips

Parent Participation

  • Very positive and involved School Council
  • Council organizes fundraising ventures to support school initiatives
  • Purpose is to promote student learning

Enrolment: 700


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