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What is School’s Cool?
School’s Cool is a 72 hour learning readiness course for children ages 3 – 5. In Trillium Lakelands DSB, School’s Cool is offered at a number of schools and communities during the summer months.

The purpose of the School’s Cool course is to provide age and developmentally appropriate instruction which will enhance entry into kindergarten – enhance “school readiness” of 3 – 5 year olds.

The course introduces children to a rich variety of new and exciting experiences, building on their social, language, reasoning, and self-help skills.

This unique learning readiness course for children is complemented with 2 parent sessions, designed to assist parents in understanding and enhancing their child’s learning experiences in the home, school and community.


Where did the program originate?
School’s Cool, developed by SIRCH Consulting in 1998, is quite unique, in that it is an outcome-based program. The course curriculum was specifically designed to produce measurable outcomes. This makes it easy for instructors to monitor skill increases and organizations and communities to monitor overall course success.

Equally as unique as the course’s outcome-based curriculum, is the School’s Cool Approach – the way in which community partners, parents, and children are engaged in the joy and excitement of learning.

Visit the School’s Cool website for more information.

Please feel free to contact School’s Cool at SIRCH

Box 687, Haliburton, Ontario K0M 1S0


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