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TLDSB is committed to delivering effective environmental education, modeling environmentally responsible practices, and raising environmental awareness for all staff, students, trustees, and the community. TLDSB commits to considering the impact on the environment in decisions that are made in the delivery of curriculum and in the daily operations of our school board.

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An environmental education program that addresses both how the schools are run and what students learn. It has been designed collaboratively by school boards for school boards to incorporate environmental education as well as environmentally responsible action into the school setting.

Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan

Each year the G7 Student Senate determines priority areas that are of interest and importance to students. The 2019-2020 G7 Student Senate focused on developing the TLDSB Climate Change Action Plan as a main priority for this year.

Six members of the G7 Student Senate shared their concern about how climate change is rapidly impacting communities around the world. Food security, mental health, transportation, energy, resource availability, and economic sustainability are all at risk if changes are not made to limit the impact of climate change. The group has developed the Climate Change Action Plan because they believe TLDSB has the opportunity to set the standard and take proactive action to ensure that all school communities comply with international climate agreements and promote a sustainable environmental education model.

The students took turns sharing with Trustees each of the 10 phases in the plan including:

Education and Commitment; Mental Health and Student Advocacy; Technology Considerations; Waste Management; Energy Connections; Food Resilience; Resource Management; Carbon-Conscious Transportation; Creation of Eco-spaces; and Evaluation.

The intention is for the TLDSB Climate Change Action Plan to be an ongoing working document providing actions for schools and the school board that are implemented, reviewed, and revised annually.

Read the full Climate Action Plan Report.

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