• Parent engagement tips - February

Parent engagement tips – February

Engaging Parents as Partners in Education

Parent Tip Sheet – February 2020


Think about a rubber band. When you pull it and let go, it snaps back. If you bounce a tennis ball against a school wall, it bounces back. These visuals describe the concept of resiliency. The idea that despite life’s difficulties, one can ‘snap back’ or ‘bounce back’ and recover. Research shows us that we can build this capacity for resilience. Here are some tips you might use as a parent or caregiver to develop resiliency with your child:

  • Make connections – be a friend to have a friend.
  • Maintain a daily routine – this is especially true for younger children; structure helps to know what they can depend on.
  • Take a break – while routine is important, self care and time to focus on fun ‘down time’ can help turn our minds to creative and positive possibilities.


What is it? Creating, sharing, or sending sexually explicit messages, which could include photos or videos.

Who’s doing it? Kids! Sexting, self or peer exploitation is a huge behavioural issue.

Why they do it? Youth might participate in sexting for many reasons including: peer pressure; they’re asked to; “everybody else is doing it”; think they owe a boyfriend/girlfriend, or made to feel guilty; have a long distance or an online relationship; they feel proud of their body and want to share it; they feel harassed, threatened, or blackmailed into sending pictures.


  • The sext can be forwarded without your permission or posted anywhere on the internet.
  • Even if you trust who you are sending it to, somebody else might see the sext. Or the relationship with that person can change.
  • The use of threats, accusations, or violence to try to force or intimidate a person to do something, or not do something is illegal.
  • Making, possessing, and distributing child pornography is illegal and carry mandatory minimum jail sentences.

How to deal with it? Don’t give into pressure. Think before you share pictures. Don’t ask for pictures. Delete received pictures. Don’t resend received pictures – report it!

Parents – Know what apps your children are using and know how to use them.

Having fun in the winter

Winter is a great time for children and youth to get outdoors and play. Children move more and play longer when they are outdoors.

Building snowmen and sledding are some winter activities that will get your children moving and help keep them warm outdoors.

Below are some tips to keep your children safe during winter activities:

  • Children should not go outside to play if the temperature or windchill is -27 degrees celsius or lower.
  • Check on children regularly to make sure that they are warm and dry.
  • Dress children in layers of clothing.

For more information, visit caringforkids.cps.ca/handouts/winter_safety or contact your local health unit.

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