Mediation Fails between OSSTF and School Board

LINDSAY, ON – Negotiations have broken off between the Trillium Lakelands District School Board and secondary teachers and occasional teachers represented by OSSTF District 15. The provincial mediator called the negotiations off after only a half day of the scheduled 2 days of meetings.

The school board will be requesting arbitration of all outstanding issues. OSSTF continues to demand easier access to time off for teachers during the school year. TLDSB believes increased teacher absenteeism will have a negative impact on student achievement. The union demands also include trying to make it more difficult for principals and the board to conduct performance appraisals of secondary teachers. The union demands in this area would be precedent setting and leave the school board liable to charges that it was not meeting its obligations under the Education Act and Regulations as well as the College of Teachers Act. This is unacceptable to the school board.

“We are proud of our secondary teachers and their commitment to each of our students,” stated Board Chair Louise Clodd, “Academic achievement and student well-being is only possible when it remains the first priority for all members of our staff and becomes a priority for local leadership of the secondary teachers union.”

The OSSTF local District 15 has indicated that they will increase strike actions which will negatively affect almost 4,900 students who are beginning the second semester of the school year.

 “We find it very difficult to understand why district 15 is unable to reach an agreement when local agreements have been reached in almost every other school board in the province,” Clodd continued, “TLDSB has reached agreements with local unions including an OSSTF bargaining unit, demonstrating our commitment to negotiating fair and reasonable collective agreements.”

TLDSB has a responsibility to ensure high quality education is offered in all schools and classrooms. If OSSTF follows through on their threats, the school board will be reviewing all options for response.


For more information: Catherine Shedden, Communications Manager,  1.888.526.5552 x 22118

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