Watch a Live Streaming of the TLDSB Robotics Competition

Students will build and program a robot to compete in a ‘head to head’ Sumo-style Robotics battle on April 29, 2016. Eight Sumobots will compete at the same time on our new, octagonal tables.
  • 27 schools will be participating; with 2 teams per school
  • 500+ students from across the board
  • 170 students at the RoboFair (6-8 per school)
  • TechoGirls, WeDo Crew, BMLSS Robotics and Huntsville High School Robotics will also be attending!

The eight-sided Sumo ring is an octagon that is approximately 96” from edge-to-edge, with each edge 40-41” in length. The table is painted black with a  2” white stripes denoting the edge of the table. In the middle of the competition area is a square pit that is approximately 18” from edge-to-edge. The edge of the pit is marked by a 2” white stripe. 

Prizes and bragging rights will be awarded to the top teams.

Watch the live stream here:

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