• La Course Incroyable

La Course Incroyable 2016

La Course Incroyable – known as ‘The Amazing Race’ in English, took place at Huntsville Public School on June 15, 2016. Over 12 teams and 31 finalists from HPS classrooms participated in the event, made possible by Mr. Beaton and Mrs. Lindsay. Students had to complete a series of roadblocks or challenges within the Town of Huntsville, accompanied by French Immersion high school students from Huntsville High School and parent volunteers for safety. The roadblocks were be related to clues and information that they find through research – all en français! This year, the theme of the race was connected to First Nations learning and our own natural environment. A wide range of volunteers, from native Francophone speakers in the Huntsville community, to consultants, to parents, lead each of the stations.

Beyond exercising their brain and French language skills, students also worked physical activity into the challenge – did we mention they had to run all over town? Thanks to our volunteers for keeping up 🙂

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