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King Albert Public School shares their new school song

As part of the ongoing initiative to spread the great news about the amazing things that happen every day at King Albert Public School (KSPS), we filmed a music video:


The video shares the new school song “King Albert is our home”, which was written by KAPS Kindergarten to Grade 6 students. The video is designed to showcase the amazing skills and talents of the students and to highlight that they have many things to be proud of at the school.

The song has its roots in the school’s Knight’s Code, which was co-developed with staff, students, and parent council. The Knights Code represents what it means to be a knight – the core values and beliefs for all those who walk through the halls today and in the future:

  • We keep each other safe

  • We set high goals and achieve them

  • We all belong and are stronger together

  • We right wrongs

  • King Albert is our home

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