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Irwin Memorial Public School community comes together to build a new disc golf course

Disc golf has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and you can find a new customized course at Irwin Memorial Public School!

On September 18, students, staff, parents, and community partners gathered at the public school for the official opening of the Irwin Eagle Disc Golf Course. 

The project, which started just over a year ago, wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support from the community. Not only did local families come together to clear the course and create signs, targets, and tee pads with their own materials and time, but local businesses and organizations helped too by covering the expenses.

At the official opening, Irwin Memorial PS recognized all the individuals and businesses that helped along the way. Four adult disc golfers were in attendance and taught students the basics of the game, giving them an opportunity to test the new course. Later in the evening, families attending  the school “Meet the Staff Night”, were also able to play a game on the course. 

The total budget for the project was just over $20,000, with approximately $18,500 in donations from businesses, including Blue Spruce Inn, Cedar Grove Lodge, Peggy Hurley, Acres Driving Range, Robinson’s General Store, Dwight Lumber, Station 30 Hillside Fire Fighters, In Memory of Ron Taylor, Muskoka Hydrovac, Arrowhead Camp, Gary Best and Sons, Erika’s Bakery, Lake of Bays Township, Dorset and Dwight Lions Club, The HOLD group, and the Irwin Parent’s Council. 

The Irwin Eagle Disc Golf Course is open to the public during non-school hours. 

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