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The Trillium Lakelands District School Board “I am Because of You” project encourages all community members to recognize the importance of modelling good character and active citizenship – teachers, parents, businesses – everyone!

“I am because of you” is one meaning for the African word “ubuntu”, a term popularized by Nelson Mandela. Spread the word – tell someone you know how they influenced your character. View our video below to learn more about how our students are learning every day.

Learning to care for one another through active citizenship, empathy, acts of kindness, compassion, and more will help us all feel connected to each other. Whether it is a small group of friends, a committee meeting, or a large neighbourhood, if we feel we belong we have an investment in the health and well-being of that community. That sense of responsibility will encourage caring for one another.

Learning to recognize members of the community who model acts of kindness, active citizenship, empathy, compassion, and more will help children and youth to see character attributes in action. Community members that model responsible citizenship and character have a direct impact upon the behaviour and actions of our students.

We are happy to provide you with free resources to help promote active citizenship within our communities. We offer the following material, at no cost:

Business CardBusiness Size Card – Write a character trait in the middle of the card and hand it to someone who has modeled good character or active citizenship for you.



Notecard (Pre-Printed) – This pre-printed card is intended for younger children to help them write a note to someone who has modeled good character or active citizenship. Use the envelope and mail the card to the recipient – people love to receive snail mail!

 notecardblankBlank Notecard – This card is intended for anyone to write a note to someone who has modeled good character or active citizenship. Use the envelope and mail the card to the recipient.

posterPoster (18” x 24″) – This poster has photos from the “I am because of you” video. The poster is a reminder of all the different ways that people model good character and active citizenship. Hang posters in areas with the most visibility.

To order one or more of these items, simply fill out the form below!

I am Because of You Material Request

Request Notecards, Business Cards etc.

Please send us your ideas for other resources we can develop to help you encourage and celebrate the modelling of good character and active citizenship. Email us at

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