Huntsville High School Unveils New Robot!

//Huntsville High School Unveils New Robot!
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Huntsville High School Unveils New Robot!

On Tuesday, February 18, 2014 the Huntsville High School Hoya Robotics team unveiled their new robot for the 2014 season of First Robotics! Huntsville HS will be competing in the North Bay Regional competition for three days, starting on March 27.  The competition this year is called “Aerial Assist” and robots are required to compete in a three-on-three match with a 2 foot wide exercise ball.  Points are scored by shooting the ball over a barrier and into a goal.  Robots can also score points by passing the ball to other robots on their alliance.  The challenge was unveiled at the start of January and Huntsville HS had six weeks to design and build their robot.

This year Huntsville HS’s Robotics team benefited from the experience of their veterans.  Students took skills they learned in physics and math to calculate the forces involved and designed a unique robot (think octagon!) that can move in any direction without turning.  Custom parts were manufactured and a wide range of skills were developed involving metal fabrication, welding, pneumatics, circuits, and programming.  Huntsville HS is proud to have mentored Haliburton Highlands Secondary School as they have started a robotics team that will be joining them in North Bay in March.

Huntsville HS students have benefited from the support of the Technology teachers at their school, community mentors Dwayne Verhey, Doug Raynor, and Cathie Raynor and sponsors: Kimberley-Clark, Trillium Lakelands DSB, MBRP Performance Exhaust, Robinson’s Independent Grocer, Huntsville Canadian Tire, Will Davidson LLP, William Raynolds & Sons Metal Fabricators Ltd., and Hypervision Graphics.

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