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Highlights from the Board Room – October 22

Board Meeting   | Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Digital ecosystems in secondary schools

Superintendent of Learning Paul Goldring and Technology Services Coordinator Tina Franzen spoke to trustees about the progress and growth of the Edwin program currently being used across schools in Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB). The Nelson-supported program is an innovative and collaborative digital backpack initiative that is designed to modernize learning by putting emphasis on how students learn, while allowing access to grade level content in a way that students understand. Edwin was first launched in 2017 and has grown across the district. The program, which was first rolled out in two Grade 8 classrooms, is currently being used in 33 elementary schools by Grade 7 and 8 students, four secondary schools by Grade 9 and 10 students, and three secondary schools by Grade 9 students.

Vice Principal Kevin Ray and students Josh Stapley and Rachel Round from IE Weldon Secondary School attended the meeting to speak about their personal experience with Edwin. Ray spoke about how the program is being taught in math and English classrooms, and how teachers utilize it throughout their lessons. The students, who have been using the program since its inception at TLDSB, spoke to the many available resources within the program and how it has helped their growth in learning.

Administrative reports

Revised Surplus Management Report

Superintendent of Business Services Tim Ellis provided an update on the Revised Surplus Management Report that was originally presented to trustees in May, which included the use of reserve funds in the amount of $3.6 million, which amounts to approximately 1.75 percent of the TLDSB operating revenue. This request was denied by the Ministry of Education and, as such, revisions have been made to the Surplus Management Plan. These revisions now comply with the Ministry’s 1 percent reserve use provision, which amounts to $1.94 million. The remainder of the plan will be supported through anticipated increased revenues due to enrolment changes this fall. The revised Surplus Management Plan, along with a deficit recovery plan will be submitted to the Ministry of Education.

2019-2020 Strategic Action Plan

Using the multi-year Embrace Learning Strategic Plan 2016-2021, TLDSB senior administration have developed department plans which align with the three key priority areas for TLDSB: innovation and collaboration for all, supporting the well-being of all, and valuing the strength of everyone’s voice. These plans will be available at tldsb.ca.

Each superintendent of learning shared with trustees key items from their department plans:

  • From Curriculum Services, Superintendent of Learning Katherine MacIver shared that the department will be focusing on numeracy and expanding support at a Board level to Grade 3, specifically to math development and proficiency. There will also be a focus on supports for Grade 6 teachers to better understand content teaching strategies. MacIver also spoke about how TLDSB will expand experiential learning and pathways this upcoming school year, looking at opportunities for Grade 7 and 8 students to experience the skilled trades, including in-house opportunities and beyond in post-secondary. 
  • Superintendent of Learning Dave Golden shared information from Mental Health Services and how the Board will be engaging youth with opportunities for voice and leadership through a pilot healthy relationships management program. The program will use evidence-based workshops that will be developed and delivered by secondary male students with a focus on equity, inclusion, and healthy relationships to younger elementary students. Golden also highlighted the progress of the newly implemented attendance management campaign, “I’m Here.” The campaign was introduced to schools  at the beginning of the school year, with a goal to increase attendance in our schools, looking at the main issues causing students not to attend school on a regular basis. 
  • Technology Services, led by Superintendent of Learning Paul Goldring, highlighted work taking place on the upcoming Ministry of Education audit of Technology Services by Deloitte Canada. The audit will look at how technology is currently being used in TLDSB, including programs used and back end in terms of security. The audit will assist TLDSB in making the department more efficient, ensuring that the Board is utilizing all resources in the most effective way.  
  • Superintendent of Learning Jennifer Johnston spoke about upcoming focuses in Special Education Services. Specifically, the development of a TLDSB transition planning resource document that focuses on a collaborative Individual Education Plan (IEP) process, that includes all stakeholders. The resource will help to foster achievement and success, supporting the documentation of transition plans. Johnston also talked about how TLDSB will be enhancing programs and services for students on the autism spectrum, continuing the implementation of the Milo project for autism curriculum in schools.

2019-2020 Program Enhancement Report

Each year, TLDSB trustees review applications from staff for innovative projects that have the potential for system-wide impact. The Program Enhancement Fund was established by the board to generate ideas that result in measurable improvement in student learning. This year, trustees allocated $250,000 for Program Enhancement projects in 2019-2020. Additional funds were added to this from the previous year’s surplus. This year, 139 applications were received totalling $543,584 of requests. Trustees allocated $278,980 to fund, or partially fund, 98 projects that will provide supports and resources to enhance student learning and well-being. 

Human Trafficking Report

Superintendent of Learning Dave Golden presented trustees with information about human trafficking and the impact on TLDSB. Golden spoke about those at risk — young women, LGBTQ and Indigenous communities, the homeless, youth with low self esteem, and youth that experience bullying, discrimmination, abuse, and poverty, to name a few. He spoke about the importance of recognizing the warning signs and the importance of being aware of red flags. He mentioned that there are a number of partners within our communities across the Board that provide supports and resources on human trafficking. TLDSB is using curriculum developed by the Waterloo Sexual Assault Centre called “Reset” that focuses on learning for Grade 7, 8, and 9 students, to increase knowledge and awareness of students and vulnerability, consent and social media, and healthy relationships. 

Future meetings

Meeting Date Time Location
Committee of the Whole November 12 6:30 p.m. Muskoka Education Centre, Bracebridge
Regular Meeting of the Board November 26 6:30 p.m. Lindsay Education Centre, Lindsay
Organizational Meeting of the Board December 10 6:30 p.m. Lindsay Education Centre, Lindsay


Video access to Committee of the Whole and Regular Meetings of the Board is available to the public at all TLDSB education centres. Please provide 24 hours notice to attend by emailing info@tldsb.ca or calling 1-888-526-5552. All Regular Meetings of the Board are webcast and may be accessed through the TLDSB website www.tldsb.ca.


For more information contact Catherine Shedden, District Manager of Corporate Communications by phone at 1-888-526-5552 extension 22118, or by email at Catherine.Shedden@tldsb.on.ca.

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