• Great Grain Challenge

Haliburton Highlands SS Wins the Great Grain Challenge

Haliburton Highlands SS has won the 16th Great Grain Challenge with a total of almost 3 points per student (2.94). Schools received one point for each grain product package, and 2 points for each whole grain product package.

The Great Grain Challenge is organized by the G7 Student Senate – a group of students made up of one representative from each secondary school elected by their peers to help communication between students and bring student issues to the Board of Trustees.

All food items collected during the Great Grain Challenge at TLDSB will be donated to food banks throughout the City of Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton, and Muskoka.

School                                        # of Students     Points Collected        Points per Student

BMLSS                                             803                           131                                   0.16
Fenelon Falls SS                            629                            5821                                0.93
Gravenhurst HS                             335                            1411                                 0.42
Haliburton Highlands SS             454                           13371                               2..94
Huntsville HS                                 833                           9701                                 1.16
IE Weldon SS                                 1024                          781                                  0.08
LCVI                                                  601                          6551                                  1.09
TOTAL                                          4,679                    3,894                            0.969

During the G7 Student Senate Meetings a wide range of topics are discussed. The students discuss concerns and current issues within their schools and the district as a whole. The students also share ideas regarding their own school parliament or student activity council. The Student Trustee brings a report from G7 Student Senate meetings to Committee of the Whole and Regular meetings of the Board.

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