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Haliburton Highlands Secondary School Wins Pasta Challenge

Haliburton Highlands Secondary School won the 14th Annual Pasta challenge by contributing 3,612 boxes of pasta over two weeks in February, with a total of 7.92 boxes of pasta per student. This is the first time Haliburton Highlands Secondary School has won!

The challenge pitted seven TLDSB secondary schools against each other to see which could collect the most boxed pasta in two weeks for the their local food bank. Results are adjusted by school population to allow for a fair comparison between larger and smaller schools. The results were as follows:

 School No. Students Pasta Collected Pasta Per Student
 BMLSS 844 1073 1.27
 Fenelon Falls SS 694 4765 6.87
 Gravenhurst HS 313 83 0.27
 Haliburton Highlands SS 456 3612 7.92
Huntsville HS 887 107 0.12
IE Weldon SS 1066 2132 2.00
LCVI 720 2368 3.29
TOTAL 4,136 13,067 3.16

Overall, the seven schools amassed an impressive 13,067 boxes of pasta, which will be distributed on a fair share basis to local food banks, allowing them to spend their limited cash on other items needed by the families they serve. This is the first time HHSS has won in the last five years and the second time TLDSB students have amassed more than 13,000 boxes of pasta. Now that’s something all of our secondary schools should be proud of!


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