Greenhouses Made From Water Bottles

//Greenhouses Made From Water Bottles

Greenhouses Made From Water Bottles

Muskoka Beechgrove Public School in Gravenhurst showed they are green at heart by building an eco-friendly green house from reused water bottles and a wooden frame on April 22.

Over 3,500 water bottled were collected for four weeks leading up to the project, with students, parents, and faculty contributing bags of recyclable material. As bottles were brought into the school, they were taken to the junior and intermediate classrooms to be prepped for the build. Those students took the label off and cut the bottoms of the water bottles off with scissors and bagged the bottles. Ms. Armstrong led the project, and constructed the wooden frame prior to the build beginning.

The day consisted of grade 3’s helping grade 6 intermediate students, who spent the entire day outside assembling the bamboo rods and then air nailed them onto the wooden frame. Now that the greenhouse has been built, it will be used to plan and plant a garden in front of the school to contain vegetables and flowers!


Check out the photos below!

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