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Community Partnerships for Services in Schools

Any individual, agency, or organization wishing to provide services in Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB) schools to TLDSB students during the school day must:

  • Read the policy and procedure.
  • Submit the appropriate application following the provided instructions.

Note: submission of an application indicates agreement with the terms and conditions as laid out in both the TLDSB procedure and in the MOU (for public service providers) OR Collaborative Agreement (for private service providers).

  • Who is considered a Public Service Provider?
    • Providers whose services are publicly funded, not for profit or charitable entities and may be mandated by the government or funded by a government agency.
    • Services offered must align with the board’s strategic directions, vision, mission and values.
  • What services can be offered in schools?
    • Services provided by public service providers during the school day will only be approved if they are deemed to be of benefit to a student’s mental or physical well-being and access to these services may directly or indirectly positively impact participating student’s educational programming and/ or attendance at school.
    • Programs/ Services that are considered include:
      • Individual Student Services; access to students already on an agency/ organization caseload for the purpose of continued services, support, meetings etc. (Example(s): Mental Health Counselling, Addictions Counselling, OT/ PT)
      • General Population Services; access via appointment; by personal choice or TLDSB staff referral (Example: Mental Health or Physical Health Walk in Clinic)
      • Programs; that occur on breaks or at a defined time, are established or evidence-based and support an aspect of student wellness or skill development.
  • How can an agency/ organization apply to offer services in the school?
    • Public service providers who wish to offer programs and services in our schools to students during the school day are invited and required to submit a Memorandum of Understanding application by completing the documentation on the link below, obtaining signature and scanning or emailing to
    • Your request will be reviewed and you will be contacted for more information, or the agreement will be returned with a counter-signature.
    • Programs or services should not be offered in schools until an agreement with TLDSB is complete and signed by both parties.
      • Note: The existence of an MOU with TLDSB does not obligate schools to participate in General Population Services or Programs; once an MOU is complete, it is the responsibility of the public service provider to approach school principals about participation, and the discretion of the principal to determine what programs/ services will operate in the school.

Please see above to review the policy and procedure and to access the MOU template

  • Each MOU Template has a section (6) to list program/service details; should your agency/ organization be interested in offering more than one program/service please complete an Additional Program or Service Description for each additional program/service and attach it to the MOU when submitting.

Please refer to this list of Public Agencies/Organizations who currently have an up-to-date MOU with TLDSB.

  • Who is considered to be a Private Service Provider?
    • Providers who are a professional or paraprofessional (working under the supervision of a member of a relevant regulated professional college in Ontario) whose services are paid for and/or arranged by a parent/guardian, insurance company or other private party.
  • What services can occur in the school?
    • A private service provider may complete an observation, demonstration or consultation during a limited and defined timeframe.
    • In select, approved circumstances, direct services may be offered with Superintendent consultation and approval.
  • How can a private service provider access a student during the school day?
    • In order to apply to access a student during the school day the following conditions must be met:
      1. The access is at the request of the parent/guardian, and,
      2. The access is for a limited, defined timeframe, and,
      3. The purpose is to perform an observation, demonstration or consultation, and,
      4. There must be a valid justification for why the provider must meet with or observe the student during the school day/ instructional time, on school property (rather than after hours in a home or practitioner office setting).
    • If the conditions above are met, please complete the contract Collaborative Agreement for Private Services, sign and submit it to
    • You will be contacted if further information is required and/or with approval and counter-signature.

Resources for Public & Private Service Providers: Working in TLDSB and Ontario Schools:

If you are an agency/ organization or individual looking to utilize school space outside of school hours for your own purpose:

Please follow the Community Use of Schools Process as outlined in procedure BU-3046.

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