Closing One Chapter and Beginning Another…

//Closing One Chapter and Beginning Another…
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Closing One Chapter and Beginning Another…

We are once again wrapping up, cleaning up, and preparing for a much anticipated summer break. We have had a busy year, with much to celebrate and look back on with pride. The trouble is, in our hectic lives, we often overlook one of the most important things we need to do – take the time to stop (or at least slow down) and reflect on what we’ve accomplished since September. I hope you’ll take the time to do just that, because when you do, I’m sure you’ll agree that our students continue to realize the benefits of a world class education system.

Whether it’s the academic program, athletic opportunities, or the arts in our schools, we continually provide our students with opportunities that meet their needs and interests. Highlights from this year that come to mind include our first year for Tech it Out and Take Me Outside to Learn, the LGBTQ Youth and Allies Conference, TLAC, as well as our annual TLDSB Special Olympics, and the Juried Art Exhibit. While many of the things we offer might be considered special events, I firmly believe that the day to day happenings in our schools are truly helping to Feed All Four – that is the mind, the body, the spirit, and the emotional well-being of all of our students. Our students have outstanding opportunities to access the curriculum and the supports they need to maintain a healthy balance in their lives, while growing into successful, contributing adults. Thank you to all of the TLDSB staff who have supported our students in their pursuits.

We capture many of the terrific activities and events taking place in our schools on our website blog. Each month we highlight the learning in our schools using some of our most famous hashtags on Twitter, including #TLDSBLearns and #HealthyTLDSB. See them here for the month of June

Undoubtedly, this is also the time of year for celebrations and recognition opportunities throughout the system. From our youngest learners who have benefited from our full day learning program to our senior students who are graduating from high school or one of our Alternate Education and Training Centres, we are taking the time this week to showcase their achievements. There is a common thread woven into all of these accomplishments – a caring staff who go the extra mile every day to ensure our students reach their goals. Our staff, parents, and community partners make it possible for our students to make their way in the world with a solid foundation of academic, social, and emotional skills that will help them succeed.

With graduation on the horizon, June may mark the end of a chapter for many, but I prefer to see it as the start of another great beginning. I believe that next year’s chapter will be just as successful and rewarding as the last. I look forward to all we will do in support of the writing of that next chapter.

I wish all of our staff, students, families, and community partners the very best for a wonderful summer with many happy memories made over the coming weeks. We wish to extend our gratitude for all that you do to make Trillium Lakelands District School Board the great success that it is.

Although summer is here, be sure to continue to follow us on social media for great tips on how you can make learning a fun part of your summer routine. You can access all of our social media links through
Happy Summer!



Larry Hope
Director of Education
Trillium Lakelands District School Board
(705) 324 6776 extension 22599

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