Bobcaygeon PS Raises Funds for Sustainable Water Projects in Kenya

On Friday,  June 22nd, the students at Bobcaygeon Public School took up the challenge to walk for water. For one hour the students carried water while they walked. $847.85 was raised! Congratulations on an excellent campaign.Special Shout Outs to Taliah McNelly, David McNelly and Makayla Grills for raising funds beyond the bucket!

The students carried water in slings, in pails, and on their heads. The first trip around the fields was easy, but as time moved on, some students felt weary. A Kindergarten class filled pails with water and took turns walking the width of the field. Many students realized that having to carry water over a distance every day was difficult. If you spend your days carrying water to survive, how do you do other chores, get a job or even go to school? Lots of laughter as water spilled and the water felt heavy. Powerful lessons on a Friday afternoon walk.

The “ME to WE” team at Bobcaygeon Public School is in its second year. Approximately 20 students meet several times a month and plan events that raise awareness and money.  They have successfully taken on several local and global campaigns this year.  They have raised awareness with the goal of decreasing Cyber-bullying.  They lead an entire day of Reading games and activities, called “We Read Together” with the goal of raising reading enjoyment.   The year began with a local initiative called, “We Scare Hunger” when our “We” team lead the way to donating over one thousand pounds of food to the local food bank.

The Global focus of our “ME to WE” team is to raise awareness and funds for sustainable clean water initiatives in Kenya. Their two-year goal is to donate $5,000.00 towards this effort. The Water Walk brought the yearly total to just over $3000.00.

Every $25 raised gives one person clean water for life. Through this Campaign, BPS students have provided 34 people with clean water for life!  

Look for them downtown on July 1st at Kawartha Coffee Company. They will be selling handmade Rafiki bracelets from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. Rafiki sales empower women in Kenya to earn money to send their children to school.  This sale we will focus on Clean Water with a variety of beautiful blue beaded chains.

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