Band on the Run with BMLSS Students

Over 150 students and staff contributed to a successful event in Bracebridge on June 11, 2016. ‘Band on the Run’ stemmed from the idea of building a quality task that was practical and meaningful for each and every student in the fitness program at Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes Secondary School. The event provided students with a goal to work towards and achieve. In order to make the event a reality, the school had a lot of support from various areas, including the program enhancement project.

Students had the choice to run a 5km, 10km, or half marathon race. It was a cross-curricular partnership in order to make an event of this magnitude happen. The SHSM, ICT, and Com Tech students designed the run logo and made over 120 T-shirts for participants. They also had co-op students assist with student sign-up, tracking progress, and pictures of the event.

“A strong sense of accomplishment is the resounding theme overheard by students and staff after they completed their run,” says Eric Crowe, Fitness Teacher. “Upon deeper reflection, setting personal goals and creating a plan to achieve it were key components to everyone’s success.”

As a result, many students and staff have already mentioned future goals for next year’s run. Whether it’s a better time, or a longer distance, the event provided students with an opportunity to personalize their goals. Also, training for the event fostered a greater sense of community within the school. Students from different social circles came together and rallied around one another, whether it was a high-five or encouraging words – everyone felt like they were a part of the something.

The event was an eye-opener for students about the positive effects of living healthy, and maintaining active lifestyles. Students commented on how amazing it was to see men and women 50+ running in the race. It was encouraging for them to see people all working towards the same goal, no matter the age.  As staff members, the positive feedback we received from community members was an affirmation of BMLSS students’ dedication and attitude towards the run. An event like this proves to the students they can get involved on their own, whether it’d be through participation or volunteering. Moving forward, it gives students the confidence and enthusiasm to be involved in other community events.

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