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2018 Annual Report


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Our Values

To achieve an equitable and inclusive school climate, we strive to ensure that all members of our school communities feel safe, comfortable and accepted. We want all staff and students to value diversity and to demonstrate respect for others and a commitment to establishing a just, caring society.

In our learning and working environments all students can learn. Our goal is to enable each and every student to learn effectively, to reduce achievement gaps, and to improve learning outcomes for all regardless of race and ethnicity, gender, place of origin, religion, cultural and linguistic background, social and economic status, sexual orientation, age, marital status, physical and intellectual ability/disability, and other forms of marginalization.

Equity and inclusive education apply to all aspects including the following eight areas of focus:

• Board policies, programs, guidelines, and practices
• Shared and committed leadership
• School–community relationships
• Inclusive curriculum and assessment practices
• Religious accommodation
• School climate and the prevention of discrimination and harassment
• Professional learning
• Accountability and transparency

GSA Conference

The annual GSA conference is a day for students to celebrate their identities in a safe community of adults and peers. This year’s theme was “Superqueeros challenge the Cistem”, which was organized by a team of secondary school students active in their Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) groups.

  • 174 students attended the event
  • 12 elementary schools and six high schools participated
  • 80 per cent of attendees were from elementary schools

Student one-on-one conversations. Several students approached me during the day either seeking my advice, or sharing that my talk had an impact on them (for the better!) This is the best reward and filed my heart.

Safe and Accepting Committee

Equity Walkthrough Tool

The Safe and Accepting Committee embarked on developing an equity self-assessment tool for schools. Over 15 schools participated in piloting the tool in their buildings. Feedback was positive and steps are in place for distribution of the equity tool board wide.

Feed All Four

Well-being in TLDSB

A well-being profile was developed this year and is grounded in the TLDSB way of being – Feed All Four. We know that all students can learn and flourish. When our classrooms and schools build supportive communities, provide appropriate resources, and explicitly teach skills and strategies for well-being, our students thrive and are well. The new profile supports students, staff, and the community in making connections to well-being across curriculums, as well as outlining a number of supports and programs to foster positive mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


  • Our pilot and subsequent implementation of Edwin devices in classrooms provides an equitable opportunity for all students including students with special needs, as well as those without internet access at home.
  • Smaller schools are provided with technology supports that are more easily afforded by larger schools including SmartBoards and internet connectivity.
  • Provision of online resources, such as assistive technology which are necessary for some but good for all. All staff and students have access to Read&Write for Google Chrome, EquatIO for assistive tech for Math, and Snapverter which is an optical character reader.
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