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2018 Annual Report

Secondary Curriculum Services

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Secondary Curriculum Services provides support, pathways development and professional learning to our secondary schools. Our pathways work supports schools to offer specialist high skills majors, dual credits with colleges, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs and cooperative education opportunities. In curriculum, schools are supported to further develop assessment and evaluation practices, innovative delivery models and gap closing activities to promote student achievement.

The Secondary Curriculum Services department is comprised of a superintendent of learning, a district principal of learning, a pathways consultant, two curriculum consultants, and an executive assistant.

A glance at our numbers

The overall rate of TLDSB graduates entering a post-secondary program rose to a seven-year high of 69.4 per cent
Female graduates to enter post-secondary programs
Male graduates to enter post-secondary programs
Number of graduates choosing to enter the workforce directly fell to a seven-year low of 15.2 per cent
Male graduates planning to return to secondary school after graduation
Female graduates planning to return to secondary school after graduation
Male university pathway students studying in STEM fields
Female university pathway students studying in STEM fields
Male students entering STEM related college programs
Female students entering STEM related college programs

TLDSB Graduates

Top universities for 2018 TLDSB graduates:

  • Carlton University
  • University of Guelph
  • Queen’s University
  • University of Ottawa

Top colleges for TLDSB graduates:

  • Georgian College
  • Fleming College
  • Durham College

From this to that – STEAM is alive and well in TLDSB

If you take a drive down Hwy 169 south of Washago, you will pass an old RV depot where trailers go to die. In TLDSB, this graveyard, coupled with the ingenuity of talented teachers and students across have produced something which is purely TLDSB.

Our “Tiny Builds” are one-of-a-kind in the province, and they take teaching, learning, and application to the next level. We use demolition, design, fabrication, marketing, and business to bring environmentally conscious tiny homes to life.

From the metal heap to the much anticipated auction block – it’s a day in the life of another STEAM program in our district.

STEM RV .  Tiny build

Experiences that produce lifelong friends and memories

Gravenhurst High School receives a $74,500 grant to digitally animate the town

On October 12, Gravenhurst High School will receive a Seed Grant of $74,500 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to support their work on the Minecraft Gravenhurst project.

Minecraft Gravenhurst is an initiative where students will earn volunteer hours by using the gravenhurst archives to digitally animate the historic and current urban design of the Town of Gravenhurst using Minecraft technology. The final product will then be printed using a 3D printer and painted with historical accuracy.

The overall goal of the project is to enrich the lives of participants and the members of the public through art, culture, and technology to help preserve and animate the cultural heritage.

Gravenhurst Minecraft Grant

The ripple effect

“Aurora borealis. The icy sky at night. Paddles cut the water in a long and hurried flight”  

Neil Young’s “Somewhere in Canada” concert was nationally televised on CTV on December 1, 2017 from the little TLDSB hamlet of Omemee. Young spent his childhood in the small town, a town not unlike many others that are strewn across the district’s landscape.

A signature part of this beautiful landscape are the rivers, lakes, and bays that our Indigenous peoples lived and learned from. Today it is our students’ turn to experience and learn from this same land and these same waters. It’s a story that only comes to fruition with the convergence of the skills and talents of many:

  • Outdoor education teachers work with students on map reading, paddling skills, and safety certifications.
  • Welding students at Huntsville High School are able to design and build the canoe trailers.
  • Students at IE Weldon Secondary School build canoes.
  • Construction teachers help students at Fenelon Falls Secondary School make their own paddles.
  • School board trustees provide funding for program enhancement initiatives.
  • Hospitality teachers help plan and execute healthy menus.
  • Student success funding ensures proper camping and trekking gear.

Math equation

Over the course of a 30-year teaching career a Trillium Lakelands District School Board educator will have been a student for fifty years. They will have stood for O’Canada almost 10,000 times and, on average, being involved in some 300 additional learning qualification courses, certificates, opportunities.  So when you do the math on how long your teacher or Principal has been a student just use the equation X = age – 4, and you will have your answer.

By the numbers – alternative education

Credit accumulation:

Day School Credits
REAL Credits

Number of Graduates:

Bracebridge AAEC
Fenelon Falls AAEC
Gravenhurst AAEC
Haliburton AAEC
Huntsville AAEC
Lindsay AAEC

Central East Correctional Centre:

Credits earned


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