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2018 Annual Report

Elementary Curriculum Services

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Elementary Curriculum Services supports learning and innovation to maximize the success and well-being of all. Student learning is at the heart of everything we do and our work centres around reflective and responsive learning opportunities. Teachers have always been the key to positive learning experiences; it’s what happens between the teachers and students that determine whether learning opportunities are engaging, rigorous, relevant, meaningful, and lasting. Teachers and principals are provided with a high level of support so they can continually refine their practice and improve student learning.

Key initiatives:

  • Early Years Education: growing the play and inquiry conversation beyond Kindergarten to Grade 1, introducing the Kindergarten Communication of Learning, and investigating curriculum connections to the fundamentals of math.
  • Math: knowing our students and increasing teacher content knowledge through the use of a focus on the fundamentals in math, and tools such as scope and sequence, and targeted use of assessments.
  • Literacy: knowing our students, collaboratively owning assessment and programming, and planning targeted next steps based in assessment information.
  • Health and Physical Education: developing knowledge, understanding, and practices of physical and health literacy
  • The arts: building content knowledge with the creative process, building teacher confidence, and integrating the arts with other curriculum with a focus on connections in math.
  • French as a second language: using the Common European Framework (CEFR) to support strong oral language skills, and to assess functional language through use of the DELF assessment.

Early years fun

  • Observations of conversations and work samples of kindergarten to Grade 3 students was analyzed and used to create responsive a rigorous programming.
    A new Initial Observations Report for kindergarten has recently been introduced.
  • 280 Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB) learners participated in K-8 Pedagogical Documentation professional learning.


The importance of literacy

TLDSB now has a newly revised Literacy Profile based on feedback from the system. A new staff intranet provides professional learning content. Students and staff alike enjoyed the Poetry Slam #tldsbSLAM and a Got Caught Reading campaign. 276 TLDSB staff members took part in the guided reading professional development.


Enhancing the arts in our schools

Play the music: TLDSB partnered with Music Canada to implement an instrument drive. Over 45 instruments were collected, repaired, and reallocated. Phase 2 will see TLDSB schools apply for the MusicCanada 3R’s grant to repair class instruments. We continue to support and encourage intentionally taught music programs across TLDSB as the request for resources and growth mindset for music content knowledge builds.

Celebrate art: the arts nurture creativity, innovation, and collaboration. The creative process helps to build content knowledge in the arts. This helps to build teacher confidence and integrate the arts with other curriculum subjects.

Dramatic Arts Day: in March 2018, students and teachers celebrated a Dramatic Arts Day using the theme “Building Community”. The day of collaboration saw students showcase their talents. 93 elementary students attended with IE Weldon Secondary School and Haliburton Highlands Secondary School students helping to lead and support the learning. This was an opportunity for students to foster environments where they can grow, flourish, and feel like they have a place where they belong.

Linking schools and communities

School raises funds for sustainable water projects:  in June 2018, students at Bobcaygeon Public School accepted the challenge to walk for water. For one hour the students carried water while they walked, raising a total of $847.85! The students carried water in slings, in pails, and on their heads. The first trip around the fields was easy, but as time moved on, some students felt weary. A Kindergarten class filled pails with water and took turns walking the width of the field. Many students realized that having to carry water over a distance every day was difficult. If you spend your days carrying water to survive, how do you do other chores, get a job, or even go to school? Powerful lessons on a Friday afternoon walk. The global focus of the school’s “ME to WE” team is to raise awareness and funds for sustainable clean water initiatives in Kenya.


Tools in schools: over 40 tool boxes containing tools, materials, and support documentation connected to Skills Ontario competitions were distributed to Grade 4 to 8 classrooms. Students had creative and engaging enhancing awareness on how trade-based skills and understanding connect to curriculum and to Ontario’s Highly Skilled Workforce career pathways.

Tools in schools

Summer Learning Program

Students from Senior Kindergarten to Grade 2
Number of classes that support students who would benefit from extra help in math and literacy
The program was offered at seven locations
The program takes place over three weeks in July and August

French as a second language

Parlez-vous français?

Students were engaged in french using the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). This is a proven framework and tool for french language instruction and an anchor to building student confidence. One of the characteristics of CEFR, contrary to traditional teaching methods, is the recognition that interactions matter, not just the grammatical aspect of language. CEFR encourages a natural development of language and is based on student voice, student interest, and authentic learning.

  • 55 students wrote the Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française (DELF) exam.
  • 100 per cent of participating students were successful!
  • 13 students successfully attended the Grade 8 pilot DELF program.


Other numbers

Outdoor education excursions benefiting over 4000 students
Teachers attended New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) Orientation
eBooks and audiobooks were checked out from the TLDSB Digital Library
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