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We Accomplish This By…

Seeking Student Perspectives and Responding to What We Hear

Hi Ms. Shelton! How are things? I just wanted to email you to tell you that I got an A on my first essay that I wrote for my literary classics class (which is apparently pretty good for someone’s first university essay). I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you gave me throughout high school,  I truly appreciate it. I am definitely light years beyond most students here because of your dedication and I now really enjoy English mostly because of you. If you were to mention this email to any of your current classes (because I’ve always wanted to be one of your alumni-emailers), I would just say that Patrick advises everyone to listen to every word Ms. Shelton says and you will be just fine. Anyways, I hope all is well! 

Praise For a Teacher

A Job Twinning experience gives elementary students a view to the world of experiential learning in secondary school. Six grade 8 students from Riverside Public School accompany a cooperative education student from Huntsville High School for two half days to to his or her job placement. The students produce reflective writing journals – both elementary and secondary students – as a record of their learning and to comment on the potential value for others as we push further down the road of student success and effective transitions for all learners. This experience is linked directly to curriculum expectations related to Creating Pathways to Success.

Job Twinning

Twenty secondary teachers and 60 grade 9 students participated in an interactive day of gathering student voice around teacher classroom practice and how students perceive teaching decisions, body language, words and intonation. Called “How We See Ourselves and You” it was an excellent day of teacher reflection on teaching and learning with empathy.

Gathering Secondary Students' Thoughts

Working Alongside Parents as Partners in Programming and Learning

Parent fact sheets were developed for children with special needs.
Elementary schools and 7 secondary schools are using SchoolConnects, our school messaging system.
Parent workshop held in Kawartha Lakes on how to use assistive technology.

TLDSB Parent Handbook for Special Education was updated and posted to the SEAC webpage with brochures and enhanced information.

Continual updating of our Parent Resource webpage, with an emphasis on video.

Strengthening a Focus on Being in Service to Our Community

Cooperative Education Employers Connections

All cooperative education teachers attended a central professional learning opportunity targeting enhanced community connection for prospective employers, continued expansion of experiential learning for all students at various entry points throughout the year, and utilizing new technologies to better capture the student learning in their coop placements.

Individual support requests responded to by our technology services support staff.

Welcoming Collaboration with Our Community Partners

Professional Learning Series

A four-session series was offered as a way to connect school educators and child care educators. Participants included early childhood educators, early years educators, child care workers, child care supervisors or agency support workers in the community. Session topics included; math in the early years, early language acquisition, supporting self-regulation, and outdoor learning.

Sharing Our Stories

“The Dual Credit program is a great experience, and prepares you for your next steps.”
Deserae Lyons, GHS

As a result of her participation in the Leadership Development Dual Credit course, Deserae not only feels that she knows more about herself, but is also able to recognize certain characteristics in others, too.  She is more outgoing, and feels confident that she is ready to apply herself in different facets of life. Looking ahead to her future, Deserae is very excited to go to college now that she has learned what is expected, like the college writing style and time management skills. Deserae’s advice to others is, “Go for it, but know that it takes time and work.  You will need to plan and expect to put in effort.”

“The Dual Credit course was so hands on!  The teacher was extremely helpful and really connected with the students.  I may become a mechanic, and this program will give me an advantage.”
Abi Cameron, GHS

Abi was very excited to participate in the Dual Credit course, Engine Function and Design. The full day format really allowed student to get engaged in the material. The Dual Credit course is free, which allows students who might not be able to afford that kind of course to get the college experience before they actually decide to go to college.  Abi is currently doing a half day coop at Blayne’s Automotive.

“This is a pretty cool experience. I feel like a college student, and have a better understanding of the college environment.”
Joe Nicholls, GHS

This is Joe’s first time taking a Dual Credit course.  After four weeks, he is impressed by the instructor, who treats the students like adults.  The instructor relates the course material to other courses, but also to everyday life. Joe aspires to be a prison guard, which makes this Leadership course extremely helpful. He would consider taking another Dual Credit course next semester.

Problem Solving

A group of students from Huntsville Public School became very interested in building their own platformer games (a genre of game where the object is to jump from platform to platform in order without missing). The group was not happy with how their games were working and realized that they were not modeling gravity appropriately. They made homework for themselves to research and test different ways to model gravity in the Scratch coding environment. They discussed and presented their findings one at a time. They were able to decide on which method was the best to use in their games.

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