On October 27th, 2014, TLDSB hosted an informative presentation for students at the Muskoka Education Centre on how they can be ambassadors in their own school for the prevention of cyber abuse.

The audience was a mix of TLDSB student leaders and teachers from the Muskoka region. Students were asked to identify what social norms they want to establish at their schools, to pick a strategy, and identify which actions they will work on to make a difference. They were also encouraged to implement their ideas and brainstorm ways that they can contribute to the upcoming Week of Kindness in their schools. Above all, they were encouraged to celebrate the difference they’re making for their peers, and their school.

The day consisted of two presentations, one by Canadian Journalist Paula Todd, and the other from Kevin Cutler, Superintendent of Specialized Services and Safe and Accepting Schools.

Paula Todd is a Canadian Journalist and author of “Extreme Mean: Trolls, Bullies and Predators Online”, a study in the motives and effects of cyber abuse.