Wilberforce Elementary School wrapped up their physical education curling program on March 24, 2015. The final day included a full curling game, giving students the opportunity to showcase the skills they have learned over the past few months. Overall, the program was very successful for both students and the community.

The Wilberforce curling team dedicated time each week to participate in the program, and were trained by the OAC. They also involved the township council and received support from Canadian Tire’s “Jump Start” program. Without their help, they wouldn’t have been able to purchase curling helmets for all of the students!

All of the Wilberforce students have participated in curling as part of their physical education program and each has earned their level one curling badge. This program has garnered interest from the Ontario Curling League, who will now participate in the Awards day in April by sponsoring awards and badges. They just might be sending a special guest to present the awards, too. View photos from the day’s event below!