Over 50 grade 7 and 8 students brushed up on their carpentry skills by constructing standing work stations on February 5, 2015. The build day, which was in the works since September of 2014, was made possible by months of student planning and fundraising. Students had to research and price the project, and even headed to their local Home Depot store to gather the supplies.

In the months leading up to the project build, students were taught how to use tools and read fractions off of tape measurers. The experience was undoubtedly a great introduction to skilled trades and real world math for students. In addition to learning great life skills, the project fostered teamwork, collaboration and problem-solving. Next year, students will build and construct kitchen tables for families in need in Muskoka. The goal of the 2015/16 project is for students to use their skills to benefit the community.