On Wednesday, June 17, 2015, 12 teams of French Immersion students competed in the Board finals of ‘La Course Incroyable’ at Huntsville Public School. ‘La Course Incroyable’ is the French version of the Amazing Race, an action-packed program for Junior-level students that was created by Mr. Yungblut, and translated for FSL students by Mr. Beaton and Mrs. Lindsay. The teams that competing in the finals represented over 200 French Immersion students who have been exploring the world ‘en français’ in their respective classrooms by searching out information about different destinations on the internet, and by competing in challenges related to these destinations.

The competing teams were accompanied by a volunteer adult runner, and took the race into the Town of Huntsville, where they participated in challenges led by francophone parents, volunteers, and older French Immersion students from Huntsville – all in the context of a top-secret destination. It was a great adventure!