There are many opportunities for students who want to experience education beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom. Sometimes there is no better teacher in life than a real-life experience! Parents and students interested in exploring these types of opportunities may be interested to learn that there are multiple opportunities within Trillium Lakelands District School Board to earn credits outside of the classroom while benefiting from the independent learning associated with real life experience and travel.

Trillium Lakelands Arts Camp (TLAC)

View the 2015-16 video here

What is TLAC? TLAC is an arts camp for Grade 7 through 12 students that will take place on May 21 to 26, 2017 at Camp Whitepine in Haliburton. TLAC offers specialized instruction for Music, Drama, Musical Theatre, Dance, and Visual Art within an exciting camp experience.TLAC


Early Bird — $450.00
Late Applications — $500.00
More than one student attending TLAC — $400.00/student

The arts camp is set up as a typical high school day with four periods per day. Students attending have proficient skills in either instrumental music, concert band, instrumental jazz music, music theatre, dance, or visual arts. Physical education options include cycling, kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, tennis, swimming, and a sports medley. There is a free-time period following period four when students study, swim, read, play games, etc. Three nutritious meals are included each day as well as a snack before bed.

There is a nightly evening concert in the Pinetages Theatre featuring fantastic performances from major artists. Each evening concert begins with an art display and presentation from a local visual artist. This gives the students a chance to appreciate art forms and become familiar with artists within the Trillium Lakelands District School Board. A supervised study hall is provided every evening from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis.  The deadline for applications is January 29, 2016! 

More information is available by calling 888.526.5552 ext 22121 or emailing

G7 Student Senate 

Each year one student is elected by peers from each of the seven Trillium Lakelands District School Board secondary school. These seven students form the G7 Student Senate to help communications between students as well as to bring student issues to the Board of Trustees.

The chair of the group is also the Student Trustee for the Board. The position of Student Trustee involves organizing and chairing the monthly meetings of the G7 Student Senate, as well as attending all bimonthly board meetings. The Student Trustee has a voice at the board table but is unable to vote. The Student Trustee position is held for one school year.

During the G7 Student Senate Meetings a wide range of topics are discussed. The students discuss concerns and current issues within their schools and the district as a whole. The students also share ideas regarding their own school parliament or student activity council. The Student Trustee brings a report from G7 Student Senate meetings to Committee of the Whole and Regular meetings of the Board.

The G7 Student Senate also organize an annual student leadership conference during which teams of student leaders attend and take part in team-building exercises, motivating keynotes, and inspiring sharing circles.

You can get involved by:

  • Contact the G7 Student Senate representative at your school, or your School Principal.
  • Run for G7 Student Senate (slide show presentation)
  • G7 Student Senate campaign application package
  • Updates from the G7 Student Senate

Updates from our Secondary Schools

G7 Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Monday, April 14th, 2014


  • Catherine Shedden
  • Eli Smyth
  • Mary Alfredsson
  • Lauren Nagel
  • Kory Gavin
  • Jillian Hawley

Student Leadership Conference:

  • It was decided that students attending would be separated into 7 different color groups, of 12 students in each
  • It was decided that breakout discussion will be led by each G7 rep, there will be two breakouts, 20 minutes each, the first breakout being between the color groups, and the second being between students of the same school
  • After discussion there will be a 15 min snack break, in which the G7 will do their photo-op
  • The discussion questions will include:
    • As student leaders how can you promote mental health awareness in your school and community?
    • What is something unique your school does?
  • The G7 were also reminded to have the teachers attending sign their registration form as well as students
  • On April 24th the incoming G7 and outgoing G7 will be meeting at 5pm at Kinark
  • On April 24th the G7 will be organizing name tags and orders for the conference the next day, and have the rest of the night as a bonding night
  • Catherine said that she would organize the forms for the overnight on Aprili 24th
  •  Mary Handley, Principal of King Albert Public school will be attending the conference from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm
  • The G7 will be presenting funds raised for King Albert Public school during lunch to Mary
  • It was discussed that for further years the G7 needed to brand the fundraising for other schools, names that were suggested were :Students Helping Students, G7 Student Support Fund
  • It was also suggested to collect Canadian Tire money during fundraising

School Updates:

IE Weldon SS

  • The school is having soccer tryouts for junior and senior girls teans
  • Rugby tryouts are also going on
  • The school is organizing a dance for next week
  • The school is also organizing Free Rice food drive, School BBQ on june 6th and Electronics drive

Fenelon Falls SS

  • The school’s girls curling team will be going to OFSAA
  • The Snowboarding team also went to OFSAA
  • The school was organizing a dance but it didn’t run
  • On May 2nd there will be a BBQ
  • The yearbook is almost completed
  • The Badminton team is also doing well


  • A France  trip has been organized, and students are planned to leave Monday
  • Students who attend the Nunavut trip came back Friday
  • Badminton and Rugby teams are starting up
  • There will also be winter games for badminton, and Special Olympics
  • A biology class is doing an enviro-thon
  • The school band is fundraising with Belgian waffles

Haliburton Highlands SS

  • The Boys hockey team won bronze at OFSAA
  • HHSS had their Spring Semi-Formal last Friday
  • A Badminton tournament was hosted at the school, in which junior girls came in third
  • Junior and senior girls soccer is also starting up
  • valedictorian elections will be taking place next week
  • The Interact club is fundraising for 2 girls going to Africa
  • The SAC is planning a Spring BBQ fundraiser

Huntsville HS

  • There is Badminton MPS tomorrow
  • There is an Easter egg hunt tomorrow
  • There will be a Dance on Wednesday
  • Ball Hockey inter-murals, are starting up
  • Lacrosse is starting up
  • Yearbook and grad surveys were last week
Meeting Minutes
Monday, February 10th, 2014
Archie Stouffer Conference Centre, Minden


  • Larry Hope
  • Catherine Shedden
  • Jillian Hawley
  • Mary Alfredsson
  • Eli Smyth
  • Molly Hansen
  • Lauren Nagel
  • Kory Gavin


1.       Pasta Challenge Updates:

Fenelon Falls SS

  • Fenelon Falls had their kick-off assembly for the Pasta Challenge
  • The school is incorporating teacher challenges in donating pasta
  • The Pasta Challenge posters have been put up around the school

Huntsville HS

  • The school is having a separate competition with BMLSS
  • The school is organizing a dance in which one box of donated pasta is a dollar off a ticket
  • The school is also organizing a homeroom challenge, in which the winning class will receive a  pasta lunch


  • The school had a successful kickoff assembly
  • The school is organizing a competition in which the winning homeroom class (the class that collects the most pasta), will receive a gets a pizza lunch

Haliburton Highlands SS

  • The school is organizing a raffle for prizes, in which one point of pasta represents one raffle
  • The school has considers handing out small prizes on Wednesdays, and  big prizes on Friday
  • The school is considering incorporating a competition within the grades as well

IE Weldon SS

  • In the kick off assembly, there was a pasta eating contest
  • The school has filled a jar of candies, and there is a contest in which students may guess how much candy is in the jar
  • The school has planned a KD lunch-in
  • The school is also organizing an Olympic dance that it hopes to incorporate with the pasta challenge

2.       School Tours:

  • The dates for the school tours was decided as Feb. 27th and 28th
  • It was decided that the Southern schools would visited on  the Thursday (27th), and the  Northern schools on the Friday (28th)
  • The G7 discussed the layout of the presentation that would be made to each school and the following suggestions were made:
    • It would be a PowerPoint presentation
    • The G7 would answer three questions: 1) Things you liked most about G7, 2)Why did you join G7, 3) Things about yourself
    • It was considered whether the G7 Promotional video from last year’s leadership conference should be
    • It was decided that the presentation would also include what’s happening with the G7, who we are/what we do, and a timeline of initiatives was considered
    • The G7 decided to talk to principals about which students to invite to attend

3.       Leadership Conference:

  • The clothing orders for the Conference were discussed:
    • It was agreed that the T-shirt ordered for the attendees this year would be dark gray
    • It was decided that the sweater ordered for the outgoing G7 would be black
    • It was decided that the clothes would be ordered through Me to We
    • The two speakers expected to speak at the conference are as follows:
      • Mary Walsh, with a price of 500$, who can do interactive talks, focus on bouncing back from setbacks, stresses and how to cope, leadership, but will need a projector
      • Desmond Meenan who will be free of charge, and his presentation will focus on mental health and leadership
      • The BMLSS Improv team will contacted and asked if they will be able to present at the conference
      • The Director of Education and the Chair of the Board of Trustees are expected to speak for roughly 15 minutes
      • The Student Trustee speeches  will be spoken in the morning, and election will take place in the afternoon
      • The comments about last year’s conference were as follows:
        • Suggested more student leaders picked
        • The games and workshops were iffy, needed work
        • The group of students was a good size
        • Most people liked the Student Trustee panel, but some found it boring
        • It was suggested that there would online voting for the G7 reps for each school
        • The end time was thought to be too late and  need to end sooner
        • The G7 decided to have two speakers, and cut out the Student Trustee panel
        • The G7 to have one big, active game at the start, rather than smaller ones distributed throughout the day
        • The G7 discussed having teachers facilitate the discussion workshop, instead of Kinark staff
        • It was decided that the conference would end at 3pm, instead of 4pm

4.       School Updates:

Fenelon Falls SS

  • The school had there Semi-formal on the pasta Friday 7th
  • The following sports are active at the moment: Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling team, Boys/Girls varsity hockey teams
  • A Spirit week for Olympics has been organized

Huntsville HS

  • The SPAR has organized a dance
  • A skating trip has been planned for Wednesday
  • The Volleyball team is participating in a tournament
  • The school took a picture to send to Dara the Olympic athlete

IE Weldon SS

  • The school has organized an Olympic dance
  • Badminton is active at the moment
  • A trip Greece has been planned
  • A Coffee house has been organized for March 7th

Haliburton Highlands SS

  • The volleyball junior girls is over
  • The senior girls volleyball team are currently in a tournament
  • The Boys hockey team play a game in Fenelon
  • The SAC is currently selling roses for Valentine’s Day
  • The SAC is planning for a BBQ Carnival in the spring
  • The Interact club is fundraising for two girls to go to school in Africa
Meeting Minutes
Thursday, January 9th, 2014
Archie Stouffer Conference Centre, Minden


  • Catherine Shedden
  • Jillian Hawley
  • Lauren Nagel
  • Kory Gavin
  • Molly Hansen


1.       Students Helping Students

  • The G7 discussed raising money for a less fortunate Toronto school, or a school in TLDSB, such as King Albert
  • It was considered that the fundraiser would be for the school’s nutrition program
  • It was decided that the items or funds raised would be brought to the annual leader ship conference
  • It was considered whether to have a representative from the school  in need attend the conference and speak of how it will make a difference

2.       Student Senate Survey

  • The G7 looked over G7 Student Senate Survey results that had been done for this year
  • There were results such as: most students who participated were grade 12’s and 10’s, approximately 80% of students said that they thought the G7 was important to have
  • Students suggested:
    • more advertising so they know what we do
    • expand on mental health week
    • have an event where all high schools get together
    • fundraise for something the school wants
    • get younger students involved so they’re prepared in their senior years
    • The G7 discussed doing a Prezi presentation about what the G7 is what it does, and posting it on Facebook
    • The G7 agreed that the G7 elections in reach school should be made more of “a big deal” for this school term

3. Pasta Challenge (Feb. 7-24)

  • The discussed making the Pasta Challenge more competitive between grades, such as adding prizes as incentive
  • The G7 decided to have whole wheat pasta introduced this year, and decided against introducing gluten free
  • The G7 also decided that whole wheat pasta boxes would be worth  2 points, while white pasta boxes would be worth 2 point
  • To encourage within school competition the G7 consider: videos of rival school G7 Representatives visiting eachother’s chool, and Pasta competitions between Principals
  • The group considered inviting feeder schools to bring in pasta as well, and asking local grocery stores to bring in pasta at a reduced price
  • The group discussed photos for the Pasta Challenge posters, and decided that all G7 were to take photos with pasta with a white background and send them to Catherine
  • Student Senator Mary Alfredsson also mentioned to remind students to check expiration dates
  • It was deciddd that the starting date for the Pasta Challenge would be changed from Feb. 10th to 7th

4. School Updates

Fenelon Fall SS – Kory Gavin

  • The following sports are active within the school: Curling, Hockey, Basketball
  • The event “Reach for the top” will be in February
  • The Semi-formal was rescheduled to February 7th
  • The school Holiday show was a success in December

BMLSS – Molly Hansen

  • The school’s Holiday concert was called the “Christmas Rock Nugget”
  • Trips to Nunavut and New York have both been planned
  • The boy’s hockey advanced to Toronto

Haliburton Highlands SS – Jillian Hawley

  • There was a Much Music Semi-Formal in December
  • The Trip to Les Miserables was cancelled due to a Snow day
  • The Holiday Assembly incorporated a Monty Python theme
  • The following sports are active at this time: Curling, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey

IE Weldon SS – Lauren Nagel

  • The Alumni Basketball game occurred before the break
  • The Semi-formal was a success
  • There has been a dance planned fro February
  • The Pep Rally was planned
  • Hoops 4 Heart will be going on

Gravenhurst HS – Emily McKelvey

  • The Improv team is doing well
  • The Semi-formal was a success
  • The following sports are active: Curling, Basketball
  • The Sears Festival has been planned

Learn, Experience, Achieve, Discover (LEAD 2016)LEAD logo

There is no better way to learn than through experience.

Registration is ongoing for ENG4U through LEAD in July 2016.

Download the LEAD data sheet for more info!

Registration is ongoing for Prelude, an exciting opportunity for students to achieve a credit in ENG3U under the LEAD umbrella in July 2016.

Download the Prelude data sheet for more info!

LEAD and Prelude each offer a unique opportunity for Ontario students ages 15 and over to obtain a senior level English credit in a course specifically designed to incorporate online learning with on site experience.

Participating students will earn credit through a combination of online course work and travel to London, England. Students will follow a customized itinerary specifically designed to enhance the curriculum. Itinerary highlights include the Tower of London, the London Eye, the British Museum, Camden Market, a Globe Theatre Workshop, a Stratford visit to Shakespeare’s birthplace and grave, a Beatles tour in Liverpool, a hike in the Lake District and visits to the homes of Wordsworth, and a visit to York Minster.

Dates & Details:

  • July 4-8, 11-15 : online and independent study (30 hours)
  • July 18-26: travel (75 hours of course and field work)
  • July 27: exam prep (2 hours)
  • July 28: online proctored final exam (3 hours)

Students will require the use of a computer with a high-speed internet connection. While traveling, a laptop is recommended. Cameras or tablets may also be useful in recording elements of the trip for reference and documentation purposes.

LEAD prerequisite: minimum age 16; completion of ENG3U with a minimum grade of 70%; solid academic record in other course work.

Prelude prerequisite: minimum age 15; completion of ENG2D with a minimum grade of 70%; solid academic record in other course work.

Travel arrangements have been customized and are provided through Explorica. The total fee includes return airfare, triple or quad accommodations in a centrally located hotel, breakfast and dinner daily, gratuities, all ground transportation, entry to all exhibits and activities, qualified tour guides, and the full time services of an Exlorica Tour Director. Lunches, beverages with dinner, and discretionary expenses are not included.

The following fees apply:

Tour Fee * $3652.00 based on 14-17 students, includes gratuities
Travel Protection Plan $108.00
TOTAL  3760.00 guaranteed until December 14, 2015; the price will never increase once registered

* after discount of 125.00 applied with the use of a voucher code at time of registration with Explorica.

Should insufficient enrolment result in the course not running, students who have signed up with Explorica will receive a full refund.

Two Important Steps to Register:

ONE: complete the online registration found here: . Note that this step includes twoforms:

  • A registration form;
  • An additional form to be signed and submitted to Sandra Corry at the Trillium Lakelands District School Board, Lindsay Corporate Office.

TWO: complete the online registration at to register with Explorica.

Registration is not considered final until both steps have been completed.

For more information, contact Sandra Corry, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Secondary Operations, at 1-888-526-5552, ext. 21257.