Superintendent of Learning

Secondary Curriculum Services
Bruce Barrett
ext 22115
Executive Assistant Shelley Johnston ext 22150
District Principal of Learning David Sornberger ext 22144
Superintendent of Learning

Specialized Services and Safe and Accepting Schools
Katherine MacIver ext 21253
Executive Assistant Jennifer Andreasen ext 21373
District Principal of Learning Jennifer Johnston ext 22117
Superintendent of Learning

Elementary Curriculum Services
Andrea Gillespie ext 21254
Executive Assistant Lisa Dow ext 22147
Superintendent of Employee Services Dianna Scates ext 22101
Executive Assistant Sandra Corry ext 21257
District Principal of Alternate Education Steven Roffe 705.328.2925
Senior Manager of ICT Karen Fraser ext 21275
Principal of eLearning Peter Warren 705.328.2925
Vice Principal of Alternate Education and Training Centres Don MacIver 705.645.2646
Superintendent of Business Services Bob Kaye ext 22164
Executive Assistant Susan Kirkpatrick ext 22164
Senior Manager of Finance Kevin Burge ext 22110
Financial Analyst Nicole Britton ext 22197
Purchasing Supervisor Dick Kearns ext 22198
Payroll Supervisor Bonnie Mitchell ext 22175
Transportation Supervisor Tricia Hayward ext 21241
Area Transportation Office (South) Laura Cote ext 22120
Senior Manager of Facility Services Craig Young ext 24201
Construction Supervisor Dan Whalen ext 25165
Maintenance Supervisor (South) Jeff Francis ext 25168
Maintenance Supervisor (North) Darren Lambert ext 24205
Plant Operations Supervisor (North) Bryan Moores ext 24202
Director of Education Larry Hope c/o ext 22104
Corporate Services and Communications Manager Catherine Shedden ext 22118
Administrative Assistant Wendy Browne ext 22104
Communications Officer Laura Blaker ext 22129
Superintendent of Employee Services Dianna Scates ext 22101
Senior Manager of Employee Services Wilma Lynch ext 22123
Executive Assistant Shannon Rowe ext 22121
Systems and Benefits Officer Brenda Roberge ext 22174
Labour Relations / Secondary Staffing Coordinator Deb Harvey ext 22106
Elementary Staffing Officer Shiela Black ext 22170
Support Staff Staffing Officer Laurie Hayward ext 22186
Temporary Staff Staffing Officer Diana Dolensky ext 22179
Attendance and Disability Management Officer Sarah Blewett ext 22143
WSIB / Health and Safety Officer Brock Easterling ext 22135
Sr. Dispatcher and Attendance Officer Judy Langley ext 22116
Dispatcher Kristy Chartrand ext 22167
Employee Services Secretary Lorri Jameson ext 22128
Business Services Department
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Communications Department
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Employee Services Department
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Facility Services Department
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Financial Services
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Elementary Curriculum Services
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Secondary Curriculum Services
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Specialized Services & Safe and Accepting Schools
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Technology Services Department
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Transportation Department
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Larry Hope
Larry Hope Director of Education
Bruce Barrett
Bruce BarrettSuperintendent
888.526.5552 x22115
Katherine MacIver
Katherine MacIverSuperintendent
Andrea Gillespie
Andrea GillespieSuperintendent
Bob Kaye
Bob KayeSuperintendent
Dave Golden
Dave GoldenSuperintendent
Dianna Scates
Dianna ScatesSuperintendent
Catherine Shedden
Catherine SheddenCommunications