Coding TLDSB-01-01

Main Coding Site:

What are our students doing?

Selected classrooms in grades 4 – 6 are given the opportunity this year to learn block-coding/programming! We will be using the website to get our staff and students familiar with how block coding works. On this website, students can pick an activity that they are interested in. Activities include:

Flappy BirdAngry BirdsFrozen Star WarsMinecraft






After learning the basics in, we move on to another website, Students will be learning to code from ‘scratch’ in a program called Scratch. They will be challenged bi-weekly with an official Coding Challenge by the ICT Coding Team. Teachers will keep track of students that complete this challenge to receive a special card to acknowledge this completion, which would require hard work, perseverance, and computational thinking skills.

Below are the Coding Challenge videos. There will be 10 by the end of the school year.

To help students with coding in Scratch, we are adding videos on a regular basis to our Tips & Tricks playlist in YouTube.

If you have any questions, please contact our ICT Coding Team at