Members of the public are invited to provide input into policies and procedures under current review. Please submit any suggested changes to these documents to the TLDSB Director’s Office.

Policy or ProcedureNumber
Insurance PolicyBU-3040 Policy
Petty CashBU-3017 Procedure
Community Use of SchoolsBU-3045/3046
Audit CommitteeBU-3070/3071
Borrowing for Current ExpendituresBU-3010 Policy
Facility PartnershipsBU-3100/3101
Procurement of Goods and ServicesBU-3015/3016
Use of Corporate Credit CardsBU-3060/3061
Board Members: Reimbursement of ExpensesBD-2001 Policy
Pupil Accommodation ReviewBU-6005/6006
Travel RateBU-3000 Policy
Tuition FeesBU-3515 Procedure
Assessment, Evaluation and ReportingES-5002/5003
Experiential LearningES-5040/5041
Fees for Learning Materials and ActivitiesES-5045/5046
Co-Instructional Activities PlanES-5025/5026
Conducting ResearchOP-6400/6401
Subject Exemption SubstitutionES-5007/5008
Ontario School Record (OSR)OP-6524/6525
Video SurveillanceOP-6025/6026
Progressive DisciplineHR-4534/4535
Confidentiality of Medical RecordsHR-4081 Procedure
Principal/Vice Principal EvaluationHR-4509/4510
Superintendent's Annual EvaluationHR-4545 Procedure
Violence in the WorkplaceHR-4521/4522
Privacy and Information Management (PIM)BD-2120/2121
Self-Funded Leave Plan RequestsHR-4504/4505
Attendance SupportHR-4050/4051
Biohazardous MaterialsBU-3600 Procedure
Disability Management – Early Intervention / Return to WorkHR-4045/4046
SAL – Supervised Alternative LearningES-5550/5551
Health Support ServicesES-5564/5565
Special Education EquipmentES-5500/5501
Risk AssessmentNEW
Ryan’s LawNEW
Character DevelopmentBD-2003/2004
Student RepresentationBD-2005/2006
Organizational By-LawsBD-2060 Policy
Flag ProtocolBD-2105/2106
Policy & Administrative Procedure ProcessBD-2025/2026
Public Concerns BD-2300/2301

Policies and Procedures

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